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Exten at Hearts – The Workout You’ve Been Waiting For!

Exercise for ladies who hate exercise!

Wouldn’t you love to achieve the perfect body without having to sweat it out in a conventional gym?
Well now you can! The revolutionary Exten fitness system has been specifically designed with you in mind. Based on proven exercise principles, it uses state of the art motorised chairs to give a fast, safe, and highly effective exercise programme.

A quick, easy and effective workout

It takes just 30 minutes to complete a 23 exercise, full body workout, and as this gentle programme won’t leave you hot and bothered, there’s no need to shower or change. Pre-booked sessions mean there’s no waiting around and you can fit your sessions into your normal routine. Perfect for a busy life!

Safe and easy – even for complete beginners

The Exten system offers gentle, controlled exercise with no risk of over stretching or straining. The unique heart rate monitor and built in safety features ensure you can workout in comfort with no risk of overdoing it. And with no heavy weights or equipment to adjust, Exten is perfect for ladies new to exercise.

Welcoming and friendly

Exten provides an enjoyable, social experience – perfect for ladies who might feel intimidated in a conventional gym. And as always at hearts, our friendly qualified staff will be on hand to provide as much or as little assistance as you need.

Exercise to suit you

Anyone, no matter what her level of fitness, would benefit from using the unique Exten system. The chairs adapt as your fitness improves, and the built in effort meter allows you to monitor your own progress.

Ex Ten at Hearts Health Club