Meet our Personal Trainers

Missy Peterson
Missy PetersonPersonal Trainer
I have worked at hearts for almost 5 years, I love being a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Helping people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals is a huge passion of mine and all of my clients achieve fantastic results.

This year I have gone to India to become qualified in ashtanga yoga & achieved my challenge of running a full marathon. In my time at hearts I have achieved many qualifications including:
• Level 2 Fitness Instructing
• Level 3 Personal Training
• Level 3 Fitness Assessing
• Exercise to music
• Body Combat
• Body Pump
• Body Balance
• Spin
• Fitness Pilates
• Fitness Yoga
• Legs, Bums & Tums
• Ashtanga Yoga

07720 766926

Anna Woods
Anna WoodsPersonal Trainer
My philosophy is that fitness is the beginning of everything people want in life. I am a sports addict, football, boxing and mixed martial arts are just a few of my interests.

I am also a mum and make fitness a part of my life.
My Qualifications include:
• Level 3 advanced personal trainer and nutrition with premier fitness
• Specialist in core strength!

07711 405 827

Jessica Hay
Jessica HayPersonal Trainer
I started this business because strong is the new skinny, and I realised the importance of a healthy mind and self-image as well as a healthy body. When a client comes to you with tears of terror at the thought of a gym, or severe anxiety as they are not happy in their own skin; you realise the importance of all round well-being. Healthy mind, healthy body. If you think it you will receive it. If you believe in yourself you will succeed.

Do you want to build up the inner you as well as the outer, and do you need the help of someone to push you in all the right ways?
I Offer:
• 121 sessions
• Group sessions
• Homebased training
• Holistic sessions
• Nutrition and Detox
• Pre and Post natal
• Weight Training
• Weight Loss
• Rehabilitation

Phone: 07752 746 571

Charlotte Saunders
Charlotte SaundersPersonal Trainer
From an early age I developed a passion for sport. I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 6 and have always loved sport I possess a natural passion for exercising, fitness training, healthy eating and yoga.

I have the ability to motivate people around me in a positive and encouraging manner. Helping people improve their fitness levels and achieve their goals is what inspires me daily!

07713 240 398

Becca Sharkey
Becca SharkeyPersonal Trainer
In my own experience fitness is about being the best you can be and finding the most enjoyable way to show this. For me this involves a combination of high intensity interval training, resistance training and yoga. However, I recognise this is different for each person and will customise each client’s programme to suit their individual’s needs so that they feel confident, challenged and satisfied in each session

Personal training programmes cost £25 per hour session or £30 for 2 people and these will include:
• A free initial consultation
• Nutrition advice
• Training sessions designed around your goals
• Advice and support as you progress through your fitness journey

My qualifications include:
• Level 2 fitness instructor
• Level 3 personal trainer
• Les Mills Body Pump
• Les Mills Body Combat
• Les Mills Body Balance
• Completed an apprenticeship in Strength and Conditioning

07954 178 328

Chloe Redmond
Chloe RedmondPersonal Trainer
I am 19 years old and first started my fitness journey at 14, working in Hearts for the last two years. I undesrand what it is like looking at a piece of equiptment not knowing what to do, or standing at the back of a class not knowing what a ‘clean & press’ is, because I was there once too.

My sessions are all about gaining the confidence and understanding as to why you are here in to push yourself outside your comfort zone, and how each session is tailored to your goals. Whilst at hearts I have gained both experience and qualifications such as:
• Level 2 fitness instructor
• Level 2 Exercise to music
• Leel 3 Personal Training
• Level 2 & 3 Nutrition
• Diploma in Sports Nutrition
• BodyCombat
• BodyPump
• And gained experience teaching a range of classes

07447 032 139

Danielle Phelps
Danielle PhelpsPersonal Trainer
My personal training sessions are about motivating you, changing your mind-set and pushing you beyond your comfort zone to get the results you’re looking for. I will help you change your current routine to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I have a passion and love for my job as a PT and fitness instructor. Seeing my clients achieve and exceed their aim is my top priority. My qualifications include:
• Level 2 fitness instructor
• Level 3 personal trainer
• Sports Leader
• LesMills Body Combat
• LesMills Body Pump
• Spin
• Circuit training

07713 679 191