Party yourself into shape!

Zumba® is the dance-fitness craze that burns calories, tones muscles and improves flexibility. But best of all, it’s so much fun that it simply doesn’t feel like exercise. People of all ages are falling in love with its infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves and life-enriching benefits!

Zumba® was created in the mid-90s by Alberto “Beto” Perez, a celebrity fitness trainer and choreographer for pop superstars. Inspired by the traditional Cumbia, Salsa, Samba and Merengue music he grew up with, Beto paired his favourite pulsating Latin rhythms with the red-hot international dance steps his clients loved to create an international exercise phenomenon.

With its exotic music, infectious rhythms and simple-yet-effective moves, Zumba® feels more like a party than an exercise class. In each 40 minute class you’ll burn up to 600 calories, and as you’re much more likely to stick with an exercise programme if you’re enjoying yourself, Zumba® gets results.

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