High Intensity Interval Training

Get Body Shaping Results In No Time At All

You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve in just 25 minutes.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) includes short bursts of low to high-intensity exercises followed by short rest periods. You’ll burn a huge amount of calories whilst significantly improving your speed, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. It’s a great class when you’re short of time but still want to feel the benefits of a full and varied exercise workout.

What Will HIIT Do For You?

You’ll Get Toned Muscles, A Lean Body & Optimum Fitness. – HIIT burns calories, tones muscles, improves speed, stamina and lung capacity and greatly strengthens your cardiovascular system – all in short, highly intensive yet hugely rewarding sessions. HIIT is perfect to get you fit and looking and feeling great.

A Get-Fit-Quick Class That Really Works – HIIT can be more effective and efficient than many other endurance and cardiovascular classes, helping you achieve a great level of fitness in a comparatively short space of time.

Keep The Weight Off – HIIT helps to supercharge your metabolism. Studies have shown that just 150 seconds of intense exercise can boost your resting metabolic rate, meaning that you continue to burn calories up to 24 hours after the class has finished. This means that HIIT classes not only help you lose weight, they can also help you to keep weight off.

Exercise The Mind & The Body – HIIT can boost your brain oxygenation, noticeably enhancing your powers of focus and concentration. A Canadian study found that just two HIIT workouts a week for four months significantly improved the cognitive skills of its participants.

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