Hot Classes – Yoga, Pilates

A life-enriching workout for your whole body, inside and out.

Taking place in our specially heated studio, Hot classes burn calories, remove toxins from your body, reduce stress and greatly increases your lung capacity, cardiovascular strength and ease of movement. Hot classes involve a series of stretches, poses and breathing techniques in temperatures of up to 37°C.

Hearts Health Club run four different Hot classes: Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates.

The Benefits of Hot Classes

Get The Celebrity Look! – The likes of Lady Gaga, David Beckham and Andy Murray exercise in heated studios to stay trim, toned, focused and flexible. Think of Hot classes as our version of Hot Yoga.

Peace of Mind – Whilst exercising your body, you’ll clear your mind. With the calm music, the soothing temperatures and the smooth and flowing movements, Hot classes have been proven to help people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dementia and high blood pressure.

Improve Your Mobility – The high temperatures of a Hot class will increase your range of movements, making it easier to achieve those challenging Yoga, and Pilates poses without straining yourself. Hot classes will therefore greatly improve your balance and flexibility and have been known to help those suffering from arthritis and mobility issues.

Additional charges apply, please speak to one of our fitness team for more information.

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